Those in responsible management positions, we answer. However, the interesting question is: “Who leads you? Who’s the boss of your thoughts? You? Perhaps there’s the persistent worry that this isn’t the case? Are you trying to suppress that very thought but cannot shake it off?

Anxiety in work and private life

Where do these unpleasant thoughts come from, this cruel uneasiness, and these un- settling fears? They’re the result of emo- tional experiences since birth – whether consciously or unconsciously experienced. Experiences are a combination of events and feelings. They’re not genetic; no one is born with the fear of enclosed spaces, flying or spiders. We first learn emotions from our parents, and later from our environment. We mimic behaviour that displays emotions and release it instinctively. Through indi- vidual experiences and personal events, we then learn to question this behaviour and consequently adopt or reject it. The closer we are to others, the more we take on their mannerisms. Certain situations that instill fear in us could be related to our fathers, or from an experience back in our school days that still torments us today.

Freedom is everything

Take the initiative! Free yourself from con- stricting thoughts, ingrained ways of be- having, and troublesome feelings. By using special techniques learned through coach- ing sessions, clients can release, develop and bolster their inherent strengths. Hu- mans can control their own thoughts; they aren’t prescribed to us. This represents gen- uine personal freedom – even from these nagging fears!

Good news

Within a matter of hours, Mrs Lönne unites extraordinary methods from the fields of medicine, psychology and com- munication studies in order to neutralise debilitating emotions, such as panic at- tacks. This creates a sense of enormous relief for the clients. Whether it’s a fear of flying, enclosed spaces or stage fright, her clients can finally be free from those nag- ging fears.


Perhaps it’s time for a brain update? The software is quite aged now; is it outdated? Develop new processes that boost your motivation, ability to perform, resilience and leadership qualities. Learn to trans- form subconscious processes into conscious ones, learn to tackle emotional experiences independently, learn to develop intrinsic resilience.Your whole character will under- take a remarkable upgrade.