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„Finally free!“
With nerves of steel, experience in crises, and a solution-oriented approach, Gabriele Lönne is your successful troubleshooter in unique, emotional situations. The former manager, successful entrepreneur and seasoned therapist specialises in cases of excessive emotion in both professional and personal environments. As a trainer and coach, she is able to quickly reduce tension for individual clients and teams, eliminate blocks, and release positive energy. In her keynote speeches, she thrills audiences with her authentic, engaging and awe-inspiring manner. Whether it be in heated moments or explosive negotiations, Gabriele Lönne cools down quick tempers, neutralisesnegative emotions, and initiates intrinsic motivation within a matter of minutes.


MANAGER? And what do they manage?”

• Who or what guides your thoughts? You? Are you sure? Or are you catching yourself thinking that can’t be so? Don’t do it! Free yourself from restrictive thoughts, outdated behavioural patterns and irksome emotions!
• Define your own thoughts and actions! Give yourself the opportunity to develop impressive charisma! Then you’ll also make good decisions, and be able to assert yourself with strength and confidence. The result: You’ll have intrinsic resilience for charismatic
• Learn surprising things and discover fascinating possibilities. Maximise your potential! DO IT! NOW!
>HUMAN TOUCH – Heated moments
• Cool down!
• A good dose of mental fitness! How to motivate yourself in unpleasant negotiations and keep completely calm
• Full speed ahead! Make the most of the opportunity to identify emotional blocks within the team. Repair any cracks! Maintain
valuable manpower for your company
>“THE BLACK DOG” Are you familiar with your own black dog?
• What is the black dog? It’s your constant companion! Whether you like it or not! Make use of it! Allow it to show you the symptoms of BURNOUT or BOREOUT!
• How do we handle the black dog? Nurture it so that it no longer annoys and tortures us so much! Learn to identify and control your emotional state!
• Develop resilience, and “The Black Dog” will stay small!


References & Press

• Accredited by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA), for business development (consulting & training) based on the EU’s European Social Fund, Eschborn
• Dr Herbert Kremp, former editor-in-chief of the Rheinische Post, DIE WELT and publisher of DIE WELT, Kleve
• Prof. Friedrich Molsberger,Muskikermedizin research group, Berlin
• TSP (Thieme, Schneider & Partner), tax consultancy firm, Oldenburg
“…with your professionalism, skill and friendly manner, you were able to arouse all our conference participants’ interest in your talk, and impart important ideas. The feedback we received on your presentations was all very positive. Thank you for the consistently pleasant and professional co-operation.”
Maria Mihm, Kongressmanagement Deutsche Messe AG




> People, books and events which inspire me:
„I’m curious by nature. And have long been driven by the question of how people really tick, how mental blocks arise, how they can be identified and eliminated. And, most importantly for me, how you can actually keep protecting yourself against emotional stress.”